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6635 N Baltimore ave #228
Portland, OR 97203

Science-inspired art by Sienna Morris, drawn entirely with numbers and equations by hand. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sienna is self taught in science and art, and uses her Numberism technique to process what she's learned, illustrating the data where it lives. 

She offers original work as well as fine art canvas and paper prints, and clothing of her work. 


What Are You Made Of? - A therapeutic art series

Sienna Morris

What Are You Made Of?

-By Sienna Morris

You are more beautiful because you have been bold enough

to do the hard and dirty work

to dig

elbow deep in your own guts,

sifting through yourself to see what's there and to name the pieces.

The beauty is in the dark things found

and in the finding.

You have faced the putrid agent of your fear and pushed it aside to see what was hiding beneath.

Shining worlds of possibilities, flourishing behind a tiny scary thing.

You gleam and are polished from the work.

Beauty in the finding.

It is very unlike refilling an excavated hole

You are more than you were before taking out the pieces to inspect them.

Something has been added.

You sought out your limits, and pushed yourself against them

Gently, or with abandon

You found your edges,

and you found how not to be cut by them.




The past year has been a transformative time for me. It has been a challenge, it tested me, pushed me, dared me, and showed me what I can overcome. I proved to be resilient but also found that even when I'm emotionally beat up, I still have immense potential for love. This painting series reflects this experience; the first leg of my journey through self care and introspection. I have been learning a lot about myself, my limits, my potential, areas that have been neglected or avoided. It has not been easy to look at everything I have found, but I am grateful for the looking. This first section felt like an open wound. It felt like I had been locating my sources of pain, suffering, doubt and self hate, and one by one I opened each door to them. They hung open, revealing my soft underbelly. It was a vulnerable and scary time for me, but with the help of friends and a lot of self care tools, I made it through, and I feel I have come out the other side not only stronger, but more full of love and empathy. I am grateful for my journey, for the wounds and for the healing, and for the forgiveness. These are some of the paintings I created to traverse this experience. The poem is the statement that goes with them. If you came to my show at AFRU you saw these in person. Thank you for coming and for connecting with me and sharing with me your own experiences.

I felt I should share these before my series on mindfulness begins, which is the second part of this journey.

All but one of these are available for sale in my shop here.