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6635 N Baltimore ave #228
Portland, OR 97203

Science-inspired art by Sienna Morris, drawn entirely with numbers and equations by hand. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sienna is self taught in science and art, and uses her Numberism technique to process what she's learned, illustrating the data where it lives. 

She offers original work as well as fine art canvas and paper prints, and clothing of her work. 


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Numbers are beautiful. If they aren't beautiful, nothing is.” Paul Erdõs

Every mark in my work is a number or an equation drawn by hand.

I am not a mathematician, I am not a scientist, and I have no real artistic training. If you gave me a multiple choice question about education, I would tick off the little box next to “some college”, and even then I would just barely qualify. I've come to my love of science organically, and I've never known any other way to be than an artist. I'm self taught in most everything I do, so I've really made a career of being curious and persistent.

My pieces take me an average of 200 hours to draw and upwards of a year to research. My media is pen, pencil or color pencil on paper or etchings on scratchboard, metal or glass. I use the smallest nibs I can find and often work under a magnifying glass.

Without a math or science background, studying things like the body and brain can be daunting. I have found that illustrating what I've learned with data that define the subjects function, connects me to it in a meaningful way and provides me with a lasting memory of the material. As an artist and science enthusiast, it is impossible to learn and not be inspired. This work is my way of sharing that awe and love with you as it continues to motivate me to study and learn about subjects that may seem out of reach, given my background.


Sienna has been based out of Portland, Oregon since 2009 and maintains a thriving business out of her home studio and gallery.

You can find her at the Portland Saturday Market every Saturday and Sunday from March toDecember 24th. In 2017 you can find her in spot 904.

Commission Request Form

When I have completed my current commissions I will review new submissions and choose those which most inspire or connect with me. If you would like to commission me to create something special for you, fill out the form below. Expect an email from us confirming that you are on the list. After this, only commissions I accept will receive an additional email.

Pricing: Cost is based on time to complete the drawing, research the subject, and the cost of the materials. I will email you with a cost estimate when we discuss your commission. Payments are made in installments, with a down payment made before I begin my prep. Final payment will be requested after the illustration is complete. We can ship the finished illustration anywhere on the planet, or you can schedule a pick up. Local buyers can also request delivery.

*Note. Exclusive commissions are charged at twice the usual rate. An exclusive commission is a drawing I am not allowed to reproduce.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I look forward to reading about all your lovely ideas!

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